Our national office

The national office is responsible for managing the business matters of the organization.

Spandana Mandaloju

Spandana Mandaloju is a fourth year student Johns Hopkins University studying cognitive science and pursuing a minor in visual arts. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she has always been fascinated by how the human mind works. She became involved with Omega Psi during her freshman year and has previously served as Event Coordinator and President of the Hopkins chapter of Omega Psi. Now, she is excited for the honor society to grow and to encourage learning about cognitive science. Her research interests include cognitive development, memory, and surprise-induced learning in children. Spandana plans on going onto medical school. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, dabbling in art, and eating good food.

Wen Wen Teh

Wen Wen is a senior double majoring in Neuroscience and Economics at Johns Hopkins University. She is interested in Neuroeconomics and Behavioural Economics which explore how and why humans make the decisions that they do.  She joined Omega Psi because she was attracted by the interdisciplinary approach of cognitive science and is excited to see the organisation grow!

Kiley McKee

Kiley is a sophomore Cognitive Science and Psychology double major at Johns Hopkins University. She is currently working on a project involving spatial thinking and 3rd grade STEM curriculum development with Hopkins’ Science of Learning Institute. In the future, Kiley hopes to continue bridging the gap between science of learning research and education.