National Honor Society for Undergraduates in Cognitive Science


Omega and psi are the Greek initials from the phrase meaning "ode to the mind sciences." On the official seal, the tail of the Ψ is designed to look like a key to symbolize the unlocking of knowledge that is possible through an education in cognitive science.


Omega Psi Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness of and involvement in cognitive science within and beyond institutions sheltering chapters. This goal is accomplished by encouraging research, networking, and community outreach among students, faculty and professionals in cognitive science and related fields, as well as awarding recognition to undergraduates who have achieved excellence in scholarship.

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The idea of creating an honor society for cognitive science was first conceived by two seniors at the Johns Hopkins University: Stephanie Amalfe and Amanda Glasser. Initial efforts to lay the foundations of a national society were undertaken by executive board members of the Cognitive Science Undergraduate Society (CSUS) since 2010.

In 2016, Kyungtae (Dean) Kang and the representatives from sheltering institutions (Duke University, Yale University, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, and Case Western Reserve University) formed a national council. Omega Psi Inc. was incorporated in Maryland in January 2017, and in the summer of 2017, Omega Psi Inc. was approved of 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Omega Psi Inc. also elected its first President, Spandana Mandaloju in 2017.

The first regional conference “Monkeys to Infants to Humans” was held at the Johns Hopkins University in 2016 with CogSci Connects and Duke University and has occurred annually since. Currently, Omega Psi Inc. has 4 chapters, 12 honors members, and 3 alumni.


Omega Psi Inc. is a federation of chapters. Representatives from each chapter and the founder, Dean Kang, form the National Council. The National Council oversees the governance of Omega Psi Inc., and annually elects the National Office.