2017 Recap: Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins Chapter had several events through both the fall and spring semesters. Throughout the year, they held volunteering opportunities at Keswick Multi-Care Center. During visits to Keswick, students interacted with individuals who have Alzheimer’s and dementia and offered support through physical and emotional assistance. The group also volunteered with the University’s annual President’s Day of Service, in which students helped with campus beautification projects. In the fall semester, the group also held a networking dinner with previously graduated brain science alumni. They ended the year with a holiday potluck celebration and gift exchange. In the spring semester, Hopkins hosted their third annual Cognitive Science Conference with the collaboration of members at Duke and Yale University. The conference was themed “Frontiers of Cognitive Science” and included poster sessions and several guest lectures. Visiting lecturers included Dr. Monica Lopez Gonzalez, Dr. Dale Purves, and Dr. Joshua Knobe. Attendance was record breaking.

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